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  Mrs. Nightingale

Instructor of:
K-6 Computers
Multimedia Design-9th Grade
Foundations of Technology-10th Grade
Advanced Computer Applications-12th Grade
Spanish Mentor
Senior Project Coordinator
Technology Integrationist

I am in my 36th year of teaching this year - 20 years teaching elementary and 16 years teaching K-12 computers. I have been teaching in White Lake for 33 of those years (17 years in the elementary and 16 years in K-12 computers.

White Lake School
410 East 4th Street
PO Box 246
White Lake, SD 57383
Phone: (605) 249-2251                    Fax: (605) 249-2725
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"Success comes before work only in the dictionary."
My Class Schedule
8:00-8:42 8:45-9:35 9:38-10:28 10:31-11:21 11:24-12:14 12:17-12:42 12:45-1:35 1:38-2:28 2:31-3:21
Senior Projects/Senior Study Hall Foundations of Technology
Multimedia Design
Advanced Computer Applications
Study Hall-Juniors/Spanish Mentor Lunch Prep 7th/8th/10th Studyhall Elementary Computers
Mon: Kindergarten (2:50-3:20)
Tues: 3rd-4th  (2:50-3:20)
Wed: Prep
Thurs: 5th-6th Grades (2:50-3:20)
Fri: 1st-2nd Grades (2:50-3:20)

"The past is history,
The future is a mystery,
and now is a gift.
That's why we call it the present.


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