Microsoft Word Projects

Project 1 - STANDARDS

Students will write a biographical report about a musical artist or group or a prominent athlete of our time. The report will include a title page, table of contents, a biography of the artist, group or athlete, a list of songs or awards, a letter to the artist or athlete, a gallery page and a works cited page. The Objective of this project is to have students demonstrate their ability to use the basic features of Microsoft Word.
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Project 2

Travel Brochure: Students will create a comprehensive travel brochure for a travel destination of their choice. They can use an existing travel destination such as Hawaii, the Bahamas, etc., or they create one of their own. This brochure will include information such as what the destination looks like and where it is located, what recreational activities there are available for guests to enjoy, a list of items a traveler would need to bring with them, how a traveler can get to this destination, and what different kinds of travel packages are offered. The test is to create a visually appealing brochure that will entice customers to go to this travel destination while including all of the important information AND limiting it to 1 full page.

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Project 3

The History of Computers

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Project 4
Students will create a Job application packet to include a cover letter, resume, and a thank you letter.

Resume - students will follow basic guidelines to create their resume. Students should demonstrate their ability to use hanging indents including any other formatting tools available to make a well-laid-out resume which is organized and full of good information. Remember, the key is to include as much as possible while being organized and clear. Use this link to help you create a professional resume. Select a job that you would like to apply for and click on that link to see an example of the resume that you should re-create.

Cover letter - this document will follow the standard rules for size, format and content of a block style business letter. Students will locate a company, find out its name and address information, and direct the letter to the hiring person within that company. Use this link to help you create a professional cover letter - Follow the example letter's format. In the body of the letter, follow the guidelines below as to what you need to talk about in the three paragraphs.

Thank you Letter - This letter will also be created using the same style as your cover letter. It should include the required content and remember to thank the employer for their time spent with you and offer to meet/speak with them again regarding any new questions they may have. View an example of a good thank you letter

Project 6

Students will create a Microsoft Word Help Book. This book will include each and every step to use all of the Microsoft Word tools learned in the class. The final product of this Help Book will be a User's Manual that anyone can pick up and learn how to use some of the features of Microsoft Word.

Objective 2 - Students will demonstrate their ability to communicate new information clearly and effectively. This could be one of the most important skills to have in life.